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Settling in, working or leaving a European country?

EURAXESS has 40 national portals with country-specific information,packed with practical advice on all matters concerning your professional and daily life, as well as career development, job, funding and hosting opportunities.

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Save time, energy and money by using more than 500 EURAXESS support centers helping researchers free of charge with a wide range of services facilitating your move and stay abroad. Sort out centres by country and type of expertise, based on your specific issue.

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Established by the European Commission 17 years ago, EURAXESS is now a network spread in more than 500 organizations, in 40 European countries. It consists of over 1500 people, embedded in many different types of organisations, all dedicated to improve the life of researchers, with special focus on international mobility and career development issues.

The EURAXESS centers provide free personalized assistance in 18 areas of expertise. They guide with information and hands-on help with paperwork, but they do not interfere in the relationship with authorities and decision-makers.

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The prospect of moving to Europe can be overwhelming for some. Discover the conditions facilitating your move, and lots of useful information about your stay.


With the aim of making Europe even more attractive for foreign researchers, the European Union adopted in May 2016 a new Directive for the entry and residence of non-EU researchers. The European Union Member States had the obligation to implement the new rules in their national legislations by May 23rd 2018.

In order to obtain a long-stay visa or a residence permit (for a period of more than three months) from the relevant national authorities, a researcher will have to meet the following requirements:

a) be in possession of a valid travel document (e. g. passport; Member States may require the period of validity of the travel document to cover at least the duration of the planned stay),

b) be in possession of a signed hosting agreement with the research organisation,

c) prove that they will have sufficient resources and sickness insurance during their stay,

d) not pose a threat to public policy, security or health 

e) some Member States require the researcher to present a statement of "financial responsibility" issued by their research organisation, under which they will pay any costs incurred if the researcher stays beyond the time their residence permit is valid.

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Individual European countries do not have identical rules of procedure; they need to be verified for each country. Have you decided your work destination? READ MORE on the EURAXESS National Portals.


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If you want to move to Europe to carry out research, then EURAXESS can help you find practical advice and support for your move. Conditions differ from one country to another.

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Check the areas of assistance that can be offered through the EURAXESS services network and contact a EURAXESS Support Center in your country of destination for free personalized assistance.

If you are granted a long-stay visa or a residence permit for the purpose of research, you do not need to apply for a separate work permit, you are allowed to carry out your research and teach under the visa/permit issued in the Member State concerned.

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Moving between jobs and countries can cause complications regarding your pension.

Find out more about your pension rights in Europe, including the pan-European pension scheme for researchers.


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Researcher mobility can improve your career in research. Make the move and discover the wealth of opportunities both inside and outside Europe.

EURAXESS covers all research fields. Browse our database and create personalized alerts.




Check your departure conditions selecting your country of residence from the EURAXESS National Portals list and/or ask for free personalized assistance to one of the EURAXESS support centers.

Do you want to find out more on the opportunities outside of Europe?

Whether you want to know more about European research policy as well as mobility, funding or further collaboration opportunities, EURAXESS has dedicated Officers in the following countries and regions ready to assist you: ASEAN (focus on Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam), Latin America and the Caribbean (focus on Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia), China, India, Japan, North America (US and Canada).